Company Profile

Company Name
Takasago Constructors and Engineers (China) Co., Ltd.
26GHI, Oriental Kenzo Plaza, 48 Dong Zhimengwai Street,Dongcheng District, Beijing
31st July 2003
Registration Capital
760 Million Japanese Yen
Managing Director Sun Tiebin
Number of Employees
190 staff (Apr. 2023)
Business License
M&E Construction General Contractor Grade2
Building Construction Project General Contractor  Grade2
Building electrical and mechanical installation  Grade3
Petrochemical general contracting level 3
Managing Director Sun Tiebin
TTE is a Japanese technology group that has been rooted in China for more than 30 years. 

All along, under the premise of respecting Chinese culture and integrating Chinese society, 
Japan's unique technology has been fully utilized. 

We hope to use our technology to help the development of China's economy in the future.

The management principle of Takasago Japan is “Serving society through the creation of the best product quality on a foundation of mutual respect,” Takasago Thermal Engineering considers it our mission to continuously and actively contribute to society by responding to social needs amid the changes in the social and economic environment surrounding the Company.  This principle is adopted and stringently followed across all Takasago subsidiary companies.

Therefore, our fundamental approach to CSR is to “position CSR management (socially responsible management) at the core of our management as an integral part of our business since we work to increase our corporate value while bearing social responsibility as a good corporate citizen seeking to realize a sustainable society.”